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Ayers Rock – Kings Creek Station transfers

Quick Details

Flight Time: Flight time depends on aircraft type and wind conditions on the day.
Tour Time: Approx. 1 Hours 20 minutes

Direct flight transfer Per aircraft

One of our most common routes is from Ayers Rock | Uluru out to Kings Creek Station.


– Camping tent sites: starting at $29
– Safari cabins: $180 for two, breakfast included
– Luxury glamping: $950 for two, private luxury accommodation with dinner, breakfast and drinks package

For more information or to book, please call Kings Creek Station on +61 (8) 8956 7474


Some activities out at Kings Creek Station include but are not limited to:
– Quad bike desert adventure tour: Prices start at $105 pp
– Helicopter tours: Prices start at $60 pp
– Camel rides available from August 2017
– Creek bed walk (1 hour)
– Rim walk (3.5 hours)